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Building with XCELUS Spray Foam Insulation

Consumer demand for energy-efficient homes gives you the opportunity to differentiate your custom and production home designs while adhering to your construction budget. Energy-efficient insulation, like XCELUS, performs consistently year-round without compromising on performance, comfort or efficiency.

Drawing on our 60+ years of experience as spray foam contractors, we are driving the development of a new generation of spray foam insulation with innovative product lines, building science expertise, and hands-on technical support.

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XCELUS Certified

Installer Certification

A quality installation of spray foam relies on the expertise and knowledge of trained and licensed spray foam contractors. Each XCELUS contractor must complete comprehensive training and pass a practical test before being certified to install our insulation products. Only after successful completion of our program can an XCELUS contractor spray our products. Our training and evaluation is certified through a third-party quality assurance provider.

Experience the XCELUS Difference.

Go beyond your client’s expectations with an energy-efficient home that delivers on performance, functionality, and comfort year-round. XCELUS insulation will help you to differentiate your developments and custom-built homes with:

More Cost Savings on Your Builds

You could be oversizing the HVAC system in your homes, meaning greater upfront construction costs as well as higher operating costs and discomfort for homeowners.

HVAC & Ventilation & Spray Foam

Spray Foam is a great investment. Not only can it increase your month-to-month energy savings, insulating with spray foam can enhance your home's resale value.

With tighter air sealing requirements, changes in building codes and higher R-value requirements, it is recommended that home builders use the standard Manual J calculation to determine the home’s requirements and get accurate heating and cooling loads. Advantages include:

Appropriately combining spray foam and mechanical ventilation contributes to proper moisture control management, improved indoor air quality, and a regulated air exchange. ASHRAE Standard 62.2 should be consulted to determine the mechanical ventilation requirements for each home.

Cost-Effective Production Homes

Air sealing your production homes with XCELUS spray foam insulation creates a protective barrier that dramatically impacts home comfort in ways conventional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose cannot. Your clients deserve to live comfortably, and you can provide them with a home which provides that as well as a healthy environment.

Spray foam provides you with many offsets that may add up to substantial savings. XCELUS will evaluate your building envelope to help you realize cost savings from products that are downsized or eliminated with spray foam insulation. Contact us to learn more about offset potential savings. 

Key Benefits-Year-Round Comfort, Sound Barrier, Moisture Resistant, Lasts Longer, Lower Energy bills and Helps with Air Quality

One Size Fits All

With spray foam insulation you are never left waiting for the right sized material to arrive for your job.  Spray foam ALWAYS fits.  Our product can help keep you on time by never requiring a specific dimension to complete an installation. With our foam, it is One-And-Done: your insulation, an air barrier, and the ability to fit into even the most challenging design.