Why Insulate with XCELUS Spray Foam?

XCELUS products have been Formulated for Excellence and Engineered for Professionals.  With both chemistry and real-world expertise, our products have been developed and tested to meet the rigorous demands of today’s climate while keeping in mind the importance of design. Both residential and commercial buildings can benefit from the attributes of spray foam, and you can have peace of mind knowing that the ease of installation, quality, durability and support behind our products is second to none. We take customer service and support very seriously – we want to help you build the better way.

XCELUS truck on a job site.

Formulated For Performance. Engineered For Professionals.

XCELUS Spray Foam

Ask for XCELUS Spray Foam Insulation – for product performance that is guaranteed.  Not all spray foam is created equal and it is important to select a brand you can trust. XCELUS has over 60 years of experience in the industry. The company was formed out of passion to develop excellence in products, service and expertise. Our promise is to provide the best and then make it better. From product development to the team that installs your spray foam, XCELUS is a company that goes beyond what is required to ensure we exceed your expectations.