XLS 450-NM

Open-Cell Spray Foam

XLS 450-NM

XLS 450-NM is a no-mix two component open-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation.  It  can be used in diverse temperature environments, making it adaptable to various climates. This product ensures reliable performance and smooth application without the need for mixing, reducing downtime and enhancing on-site productivity.

Engineered to eliminate voids and boasting exceptional cohesion, XLS 450-NM expands significantly to seal cracks, voids and gaps effectively , proving a tailored insulation solution. 

Open-cell foams offer a softer and more pliable texture due to their lower density.  A significant advantage of open-cell foam is its considerable expansion post-application.

Spray Foam drums

 This characteristic makes it well-suited for reaching into crevices and ensuring a robust air seal, crucial for energy-efficient residences. Additionally, this sealing process plays a pivotal role in enhancing soundproofing  properties associated with open-cell foam. XLS 450-NM, with its exclusive formulation, guarantees adherence to both the surface and itself, thereby ensuring an effective seal. Specifically engineered for optimal performance and output, XLS 450-NM utilizes water as its sole blowing agent.



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Product Attributes

Xtraodinary Performance. Xceptional Spray. XCELUS.

Recommended Applications


Interior:  Interior and exterior walls, attics, floors, crawl space, ceiling.


Wall enclosures including steel, above or below grade, underside of deck, ceilings, rooflines, sound walls and floors, parapets.