XLS 2000

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

XLS 2000

XLS 2000 is a two component medium density closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation system. It has been developed using the EPA approved, environmentally conscious, 4th generation HFO blowing agent.  This blowing agent is environmentally responsible by having a  low Global Warming Potential (GWP of 1). 

This low VOC product is GREENGUARD Gold certified. Products that have achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards.

XLS 2000 is an air barrier, vapor retardant that rejects bulk water and improves structural support to buildings. Its outstanding performance and high yield make it ideal for all types of projects from commercial to residential and agricultural. 

Xcelus XLS 2000 red and white drums

Using the most innovative raw materials balanced with care for the environment, XLS 2000 has been specially formulated for high performance using an HFO blowing agent. Products made with HFO blowing agents have a low Global Warming Potential and are a better choice for the environment. Many countries now require spray foam insulation to be manufactured with HFO blowing agents. In the United States, several states have already moved in this direction. Many closed-cell alternatives have Global Warming Potentials ranging from 700-1400. By selecting XCELUS XLS 2000, with a Global Warming Potential of 1, you are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


XCELUS spray foam insulation products only use blowing agents that respect the environment.

GREENGUARD Gold Certificate
HFO Environmental Seal
Air Barrier Association of America
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Product Attributes

Formulated For Performance

Recommended Applications


Interior: Walls, ceilings, interior foundations, attic, crawl space, cathedral ceiling, under floor slab, duct work, rim joists, etc.
Exterior: Walls, foundation, exterior framing, cantilevered areas.


Walls (interior/exterior), foundations, floors, canopies, roof decks, roof-to-wall junctures.


Wall enclosures including: steel, above or below grade foundation walls, underfloor slab, underside of deck, tanks, etc.