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XCELUS spray foam is a premium, yet cost-effective, insulation solution. Use in new homes or to re-insulate attics and other areas in existing homes. Plug air leaks, thermal insulate and save on energy costs. Only available through a select group of certified and trained contractors. Find your contractor today and start saving on home energy costs.

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Experience Peace-of-Mind When You Choose XCELUS Spray Foam

XCELUS spray foam insulation was created by successful  contractors with a combined experience of over 60 years in the spray foam industry. We use modern chemistry and hands-on installer knowledge – the perfect combination to create the highest performing products for your home.

Premium Open and Closed Cell Spray Foams

Our premium open and closed-cell spray foams are scientifically designed to
higher standards. We offer homeowners both open and closed cell products. An XCELUS approved contractor can help you make the best choice for your home.

Our Certified Contractors

The installation of spray foam is as important as the product. You can trust our certified contractors and installers to safely apply XCELUS spay foam. They are required to successfully complete a rigorous ISO compliant training program. To further your peace-of-mind, our products are guaranteed for the life of your building.

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