Designing a Healthier Building Envelope


Moisture Reduction

Mold, in all its forms, could cause health issues. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that mold, ‘can produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in people’. Some types of mold can even release dangerous toxins that can have an adverse affect on people. Since mold is a living organism, it seeks moisture, warmth and food to grow. XCELUS spray foam insulation has an air seal; so using spray foam in your home can minimize the possibility of mold as it stops moist air from entering a building.

XCELUS light and medium density spray foam insulations act not only as an effective insulator but also as an air seal. It is actually a ‘2 in 1’ insulation. Together with an adequate, right-sized ventilation system, the main source of moisture transfer through the building envelope will also be addressed.

How XCELUS Spray Foam Minimizes Pollutants

Indoor pollution typically comes in the form of dust, allergens, particulates and other outdoor pollutants. Each of these pollutants can be minimized with XCELUS spray foam insulation and contribute to healthier indoor air quality. Our spray foam creates an air seal around the building, trapping and minimizing the infiltration of pollutants. Those suffering from allergies will often find much needed relief thanks to the improved indoor air quality.

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