4 Tips to Consider When Choosing Insulation

When it comes to choosing insulation, some research and asking questions are some of the best ways to ensure that your insulation choice is safe, well-ventilated, energy efficient and can perform optimally over the long-term. The tips below provide you with some items to consider when researching various insulation options including spray foam insulation. A little research will ensure you are protected from the risk of a poor installation or a poor performing insulation.

TIP #1

When choosing insulation, consider all options. Select the type of insulation that best suits your needs. Review what each insulation product offers. Consider R-value and air sealing properties, long-term performance and energy efficiency.

XCELUS provides long term R-value and air sealing in one step to help save as much as 50% on heating and cooling bills every month.

TIP #2

Use review sites to research contractors. Sites like HomeStars, Google Reviews or Angie’s List are a good resource to evaluate a potential contractor.

Tip #3

Beware of ‘too good to be true’ estimates. Don’t rush to hire the cheapest contractor. Installation of a premium spray foam insulation product requires a trained and certified professional. XCELUS contractors are trained and approved.

TIP #4

Ensure the installer is approved by the manufacturer. Protect yourself from off brand spray foam insulation issues. Be sure you are getting XCELUS installed by a trained contractor.