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As experienced contractors, with a combined knowledge of over 60 years in the spray foam industry, we are committed to developing superior spray foam and related products using modern chemistry and hands-on installer knowledge. Our passion is to develop a community united by excellence, service and expertise.

As successful contractors, we understand not only the needs of other contractors, but also the need for sustainable, high quality products required by the builder and architect communities. Our deep understanding of building science informs our product development. Our experience with spray foam insulation allows us to optimize our products and its installation within the building envelope.


XCELUS® spray foam insulation products include XLS 500, XLS 500-LE, XLS 450-NM open-cell, XLS 2000 closed-cell foam. The XCELUS family is a high performance line of products providing an unmatched user experience. Designed for application in commercial, residential, and industrial projects, XCELUS is a product that will meet your highest expectations.

Both our closed and open cell options deliver a high yield, easy-to-spray product with superior adhesion. You can feel confident that your installation will deliver superior thermal performance and an effective air barrier.

Spray foam insulation is more than just an effective insulator and air barrier. It is formulated to exceed your expectations ensuring a warm, cozy and comfortable environment. Nothing comes close to the feeling of peace and security of a home built with XCELUS spray foam insulation.



Commercial design and construction professionals rely on spray foam insulation for exceptional energy performance. Architects are specifying spray foam insulation in their designs to achieve both interior and exterior cost effective insulation and air barrier solutions. Xcelus spray foam insulation helps create inviting, comfortable workspaces while increasing the structural integrity of a building.



All XCELUS® spray foam products use blowing agents that respect the environment. Our Global Warming Potential (GWP) is low compared to others. Many other spray foam brands have GWPs ranging from 700-1400. XCELUS GWP is 1. When you select XCELUS XLS 500, XL 500-LE or XLS 2000, you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are constantly searching for ways to make our products even more sustainable.


XCELUS® spray foam is GREENGUARD Certified and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. All certified products are subject to a review of the manufacturing process and routine testing to help ensure minimal impact on the indoor environment.


The GREENGUARD Gold Certification standard includes health-based criteria for additional chemicals and also requires lower total VOC emissions levels to help ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities.

Installer Training

As contractors ourselves, we know the importance of a well trained crew and staff.  To ensure excellence in installations, we have created a state of the art QAP with training and support that is unmatched.  We guarantee that your project will be completed with both product and installation excellence and we stand behind what we say by backing it up with a warranty unlike anything in the industry.  We work with a third party for our testing and certification as well as our auditing so you can feel confident that you are receiving only the highest standard of workmanship when you choose with XCELUS products.

XCELUS Certified

Why Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has become the preferred type of insulation for many contractors, architects, builders and homeowners. Residential builders and homeowners appreciate the peace-of-mind found in a spray foam insulated home; it creates a warm, inviting  and comfortable environment. 

Architects and commercial design professionals value the ability to achieve both interior and exterior cost effective insulation and air barrier solutions. In addition spray foam insulation allows for design freedom and creativity while being able to maintain optimal insulation for the building.

XCELUS® spray foam insulation helps to create inviting, comfortable homes and workspaces that also increase structural integrity. In addition to comfort, spray foam insulation can also save up 50% on heating and cooling expenses. 

Key Benefits-Year-Round Comfort, Sound Barrier, Moisture Resistant, Lasts Longer, Lower Energy bills and Helps with Air Quality